by Cryptic Shift

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"An inter-dimensional barrage of head-splitting riffs and pulverizing shredding delivered at light-speed. 'Cosmic Dreams' forms the cataclysmic prologue of an epic sci-fi saga, in which a lone space traveller ventures beyond our dimensional realms to be engulfed in forces beyond apprehension. The spiralling events that follow will be continued in our upcoming releases, and will include peculiar alien races, extra-solar civilisations, destructive space battles, aeons-old entities and beyond-human abilities."


Bound to rancorous depths within your slumber
Fell beasts writhe and claw tearing at the skin

We have ventured outside of time
The dark void beckons me into the lungs of hell

Descending through the boundaries of human apprehension
The horrific realisation that you are but flesh
Necromorphic escalation, cataclysmic torsion
Falling through the forbidden realms

Finite metempsychosis
Addicting rebirth
Fall to ascertain

Absorbing enlightenment
Subconscious awakening
To see through dreams

Take the plunge into a larger world
The void is no longer obscured by your mind
Mountaintops full of missed opportunities
Is it too much to ask to fulfil your own desires

The cosmic balance ruptured
Celestial beings entangled in discordant harmony
Undoing creation

Solo - A. Bradley

Solos (All) - A. Bradley

Solo - A. Bradley
Solo - H. Parker

The will to progress
Takes hold
To achieve the impossible

Delphic exertion
Wretched entanglement
Mystic futility

Vilified affliction
Materialize around mudane auras
Requisite abscondment
From the cosmic dreams of vacuity

A time wound forged absurd to expatiate
A gargantuous detonation fluctuates the epoch
Dimensions fold upon themselves engulfing the planet
A multitude of forms split wide

Solo - A. Bradley

Copyright: Cryptic Shift


released April 28, 2017
Produced, mixed & mastered by Jack at JRH Productions
Featuring artwork by A. Nagamasa, additional editing by Nemesis Design

Words by A. Bradley
Music composed by A. Bradley & H. Parker
Drum and Bass arrangements by R. Sheperson & J. Riley respectively



all rights reserved


Cryptic Shift Leeds, UK

An assault of Progressive Thrash/Death Metal from Leeds, UK.

For Fans Of; Death, Revocation, Voivod, Vektor, Atheist, Gorguts, Morbid Angel, Sepultura


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